Who are we?

Entreprises Plume & Duvet Myland, well known for the Marie l’Oie trademark, specializes in commercial, institutional and residential bed dressing products. Based on 21 years of experience, Marie l’Oie is proud to present a collection that redefines beauty in bed dressing while exceeding the highest quality standards. The Marie l’Oie concept of offering three duvet structures (European Karostep, Hermetic Square, Siberian), three weights (Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) and different qualities of down allows our customers to create multiple custom duvet combinations to ensure the perfect night’s sleep.

A cozy pillow is a desirable essential, so Marie l’Oie offers a whole range of pillows in the unique and original style for your greatest comfort. Marie l’Oie offers pillows from the affordable to the most sophisticated, the classic luxury of our goose down pillow Royal Plus. All are offered in several dimensions (Standard, Queen, King, Continental, Body).

Moreover, Marie l’Oie distributes several synthetic products that offer all the high quality of a down comforter while being hypoallergenic. The Entreprises Plume & Duvet Myland team is proud to offer you this information and invites you to contact us, should you require further information.

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